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O1: Invest in an exclusive venture capital fund bundling leading tech entrepreneurs and (family) business owners

We are a Berlin-based early-stage venture capital fund that combines extensive experience, know-how, and financing to support the best early-stage technology companies. The fund's General Partners have backed, founded and sold market leading companies and created more than €5bn in shareholder value over the past 10 years. Our fund serves as the one and only vehicle to combine all future investment activities of its founding team.

The €20m maiden-fund is the first investor in a startup, at the (pre-)seed stage, and provides portfolio companies with access to hands-on entrepreneurial support and network. Typically, we invest €250k in a first stage and reserves substantial follow-on to deploy in the portfolio winners. This, combined with an active investor base and close ties to the best mid-stage VC firms in Europe and beyond, helps develop portfolio companies to become global market leaders. Furthermore, our ecosystem partners offer each of our startups free in-kind benefits, such as hosting or banking services, totaling more than €250k.

Our overall value proposition attracts the most talented entrepreneurs (in an increasingly competitive environment) and thus yields angel stage returns at VC-stage risks.

O2: Impact Investing: Invest in the word’s first vertically integrated neem business

We enable a direct path of investment towards the solutions to mankind’s most significant challenges, by engaging in projects that ensure a secure, accessible and a long-lasting resource supply for all. The neem tree is our latest and most exciting venture, offering organic and innovative solutions where we need it the most – across agriculture, healthcare and environmental protection. Investors in the world’s first vertically integrated neem business will have the unique opportunity to capitalize in an emerging market expected to grow from $653.6 million in 2015 to $1.86 billion by 2022 at a compound annual growth rate of 16.3%. Entering a vertically integrated business ‘ahead of the curve’ enables exposure across all stages of the supply chain from large-scale commercial plantations to the development of multiple end-user retail products across the agricultural and beauty and personal care (BPC) markets. As an Early Adopter, investors will be in the very best position to catalyze a revolutionary transformation across these sectors, while at the same time maximizing returns in a sustainable and socially responsible manner.

  • OPPORTUNITY TYPE: Partnerships
  • INDUSTRY: Finance & Investments
  • GEOGRAPHY: South America
  • EURO VALUE: 1M-10M

O3: Office building in Munich for sale, tenant: premium German car manufacturer (off-market deal)

Price: 47M, rent: 2,3M, yield: 4.9%, construction year: 2007, ground area: 4.430 qm, rental area: 9.990 qm, tenancy rate: 100%, underground car park: 62, indexation: 10/100

  • INDUSTRY: Real Estate
  • GEOGRAPHY: Europe
  • EURO VALUE: 10M - 100M

O4: Curing Alzheimer

We are a family investing in drug development. We have invested in a French company and we believe that their solution can cure Alzheimer. Pre-money valuation is around € 35M. It is probably the last investment round before IPO.

  • INDUSTRY: Healthcare & Medical Services
  • GEOGRAPHY: Europe
  • EURO VALUE: 0 M – 1 M